The Brand Wash

We encounter a vast world of branded goods, services and ideas everyday. We’re not talking about logos, although they are part of the mix. We’re talking about brand “touches” in every shape, form and manifestation.

The aim of people who build brands is to sell you something. We do it by tapping into your emotions and penchant for a good story, and we do it as often as you will allow us to. Our success at occupying your mind with our goods and services is immeasurable and profound. Are you an “Apple kind of person” or a person who always wears Nike sportswear? Maybe you just love Haagen Dazs or wear Doc Martens.

And, of course, there are upsides and downsides to all this branding. The upside is that brands make it easy to remember and enjoy the qualities a company offers, like safety, quality craftsmanship or value. The downside is that the same systematic effort that’s used to convince you something is worthwhile can also be used to inflate or distort the value of a product or service.

The Brand Wash is hopefully a place where we can explore the idea of “brand and branding,” which is a deeply-ingrained and very important way we communicate in every aspect of our lives. Although thousands of brands are born everyday, few will thrive and few will dominate our attention and interest.

What is a brand? What makes a great brand? How do we respond to branding? If it’s even peripherally about brand, branding, design and some art, it’s up for discussion at The Brand Wash.