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Water Powered Jet Pack Powers A Brand Awareness Campaign

Posted by Robert Weitz on July 29, 2012 2:46 PM

Dylan and I were walking down by the water in Venice, California, when she proved once and for all that her contact lens enhanced eyesight beats my old fashion 20/20. “Check out that guy up in the sky!” In a couple of steps, I realized that either we both had sunstroke or there was, in fact, a guy up in the sky.

Like someone looking up and attracting a crowd on a NYC street corner, this guy was getting the attention of only a handful of people, since it was a Thursday in a quiet part of the Marina. But, he caught Dylan’s augmented eye, and we happened to have an iPhone, so we rushed over and he played to our camera.

As I filmed, Dylan asked a handsome, talkative young fellow what this was all about. He happened to have a handout and story ready to fill us in on how many gallons per second the contraption put out, and also that they were introducing a new carbonated alcoholic beverage named AIR.

Wow, spectacle advertising without a crowd!!! With little effort, he put me to work for him. He knows that no matter who I am, I’ll probably rush home and get this onto YouTube, Facebook, or maybe even a branding and design blog. This is a good example of how little it takes to create brand awareness, if you know your media and are imaginative.

Spectacle is a fabulous way to create brand awareness. It is as old as the Pyramids, but it no longer has to attract hordes or chanting crazies – All it takes is one augmented eye with a Vimeo or Youtube account.